Once Upon A Time? More like Once Upon A Rewrite…(5×01-5×04)

Okay…that’s a sucky title. I’ll admit that, but at least its clear enough, right?

My relationship with Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo (yep, I’m doing it again) can be defined as an on again-off again relationship. Sometimes I love Adam and Eddie and worship them and their imagination and other times I get so frustrated and simply can’t understand them! For those of you who aren’t familiar with Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo, its a show about fairytale characters living in our world. More specifically, in a small town outside Maine called Storybrooke. The show began with the most popular fairytales: Snow White/Mary Margaret (her name in our world) and Prince Charming/David, Gepetto and Pinochio, Cinderella and her Prince, Belle, Granny and Red Riding Hood, amongst others. For the first season, we only had two villains: The Evil Queen/Regina (my girl), and Rumplestilskin, the baddest and coolest of them all (he’s also the Beast. Yes, that Beast). Their plan was to rip the heroes from their happiness, so Rumple gives Regina a curse that sends them all to Storybrooke, memoryless (except for Regina and Rumple, of course). The only one who could help the fairytale characters regain the memories of their lives in the Enchanted Forest was Emma Swan, daughter of Snow and Charming, the Savior.

When I was first introduced to this show, I immediately fell in love with it. Seeing all of my favorite fairytale characters interact with each other was amazing. The first season of Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo is definitely my favorite. There was nothing on TV as interesting and as different as Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo.  Imagine all these fairytale characters trapped in our world, no escape, and not knowing who they are. They were living in an alternative reality and it was up to a young boy, Henry (Regina’s adoptive son) to save them by convincing Emma (his biological mom who he went to look for in NY) to believe that the stories weren’t just stories, but the real lives of the small population of Storybrooke. Only if she believed, would they both be able to break the curse. Emma’s arrival to Storybrooke causes things to change, and our main heroes, Snow and Charming, meet for the first time when David wakes up from a coma. In each episode, present situations were paralleled with a  a series of flashbacks, through which we got to know the character’s lives in The Enchanted Forest. These flashbacks were what made me fall in love with the show. I always try and make some time to watch them on youtube, especially Snowing’s (Snow and Charming). Their flashbacks told how they fell in love and that story is pretty romantic. Any who, as I previously mentioned, the first season was amazing. Then the second season came, and even though I found a new ship (SwanFire 4Eva…RIP Neal), the show felt different. It was missing the magic it had back in S1, the magic that drew America in. And as it progressed, and new seasons premiered, it simply changed. It wasn’t the same; its basic outline was lost. Not just that, but it rewrote beloved fairytale characters, some for the best…but most of them for the worst.


  • Season 3 turned this angelic creature:


Into this:

 peter pan

  • Basically, the most adorable child was turned into an evil, ambitious teenager…why would you ruin my favorite Disney story…WHY? Oh…he’s also Rumple’s father, Baelfire/Neal’s grandfather (yes, he’s Rumple’s son), and Henry’s great-grandfather…
  • Season 4…Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo didn’t only ruin my childhood crush, but also twisted the story of one of my favorite musicals: Wicked, the Musical About the Untold Story of the Witches of OzIts a colorful, beautiful musical in which you get to know Elphaba aka. The Wicked Witch, her friendship with Glinda (aka. the Good Witch), their love for the same guy, Fiyero (my current crush), and why Elphie became ‘The Wicked Witch.’ There are MANY who love Elphaba’s story. Well, Once_Upon_A_Time_Logogave it somewhat of a twisted turn. Meet Zelena aka. the Wicked Witch:


She’s reeaally evil (Wicked always wins as she would say)…and Regina’s sister. That’s another thing about this show, EVERYBODY’S RELATED. I’ve never seen a Family Tree as twisted and as complicated as the one in the show. I won’t talk about it cause its too damn long. You can find it on Google if you’d like. Just like Zelena and Peter Pan, another character whose story has been somewhat rewritten (though not as gravely as the previous two) is Hook. We all know him to be the bad, grown up pirate who wants to end Peter Pan and rule Neverland. Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo changed those roles. In the show, Hook does start out as evil, but he has pretty good reasons as to why he became that way. In fact, he wasn’t evil, he was just thirsty with revenge on the Crocodile, the nickname he gave Rumplestilskin right after he killed Hook’s first love, who had previously been Rumple’s wife (see, I told you. EVERYONE’s related!) He travels to Neverland to stop aging for a few years and wait until the perfect opportunity comes along to get his desired revenge on the Crocodile. There, he meets Peter and starts working for him. In Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo, PETER is the bad guy, while Hook is another one of his dogs. This wasn’t such a huge story change, to be honest, and Colin does such a good job on playing Hook’s charming ass that you just don’t care if he’s good or bad.

hookHe manages to be adorable, and charming, and handsome, and evil in just one gif…and that smirk drives every girl crazy…*sigh*

Anyways, carrying on, when S5 premiered, I was really exited because Camelot was going to be the setting for the first half of the season. The Sword in The Stone is one of my favorite Disney movies, and the legend of Camelot itself is one I never get tired of reading about. The relationship between Arthur and Melin was also something I was really looking forward to. There’ve been different versions of their relationship: mentor/apprentice in the Disney movie, and prince/servant in the BBC series, Merlin (watch it, its awesome), to name a few. Since Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo has a thing for changing stories, I was also scared for how Camelot was going to be portrayed. What will they change? Will they add characters? Or write some off? Turns out, they did rewrite the story, but unlike with Hook, it was for the worst. They RUINED Arthur’s story. They turned him into this crazy, obsessed, man who is desperately trying to save his kingdom by…get ready ’cause its a good one…killing Merlin.


That’s not even the worst part. They don’t even knew each other that long. Arthur was a poor, country, boy when Merlin supposedly told him that he would pull out the sword Excalibur from the stone, and become Camelot’s Great King. The problem is, that when the time finally comes, he gets a surprise: the sword is missing the tip, which is no other than the Dark One’s Dagger (see, everything in this show is related). Pissed, he decides to wait for the foreigners Merlin predicted would arrive to Camelot and help Arthur save his kingdom, our Storybrooke peeps, hoping their Savior can help him free Merlin from the spell he’s under (he was turned into a tree). Of course, he never tells anyone his true intentions. So basically, Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo turned one of my favorite English Epic Tales into the story of a whining boy who hates his mentor, is kind of a psycho, AND used magic to build his kingdom and erase his wife’s memories/feelings for Lancelot. Honestly, the only good thing about this Arthur are his looks:


Those blue eyes make up a little for his crazy mind.

Despite their twists, turns, and rewrites, Once_Upon_A_Time_Logo is still a great show and the cast is amazing. I’ll continue to watch it and will continue to criticize it right here. Any comments are welcomed, as always, and I will leave you with the duo that will forever be my Arthur and Merlin…thank you BBC!



The One With The TV Obsession. 


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