Obviously, my first ever review will be of an Arrow_first_logo episode. Because, Arrow_first_logo slays and its my favorite television show in the history of television. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy this?

cutie ollie


Okay, carrying on. Last Wednesday Oct. 7th, was the much anticipated season four premiere date of one of The CW’s greatest hits, Arrow_first_logo (get ready to see that through the entire post), based on The DC Comics character, Green Arrow_first_logo (there it is again). If you haven’t seen Arrow_first_logo, I encourage you to. ITS AMAZING. Anyways, back to the post: 


The episode begins with Oliver running through the woods, just like every other season. The first thing that came to my mind was “Dude, really likes to jog”. A few seconds later, his lovely smile shows up as he salutes his neighbors.


My heart basically melted with that…and melted once again with the amount of domestic Olicity cuteness, as the fans call it, like this:


Meanwhile in Starling City, Laurel, Thea, and still-pissed-off Diggle, are fighting with these dudes dressed all-black, in a truck full of weapons and explosives. Oh, Diggle has a suit!…Well a Magneto-ish helmet.


Cool, huh? So, they combine forces and manage to scare off the dudes BUT CHAN CHAN CHAN…they really didn’t. A van appears out of nowhere, gets the explosives and drives off. Back in the lair, they investigate what it is they just lost: really awesome yet dangerous weapons. That is when Thea and Laurel realize that they need the Arrow_first_logo‘s help. Took them long enough! How can you be “Team Arrow_first_logo” WITHOUT The Arrow_first_logo?! Due to him not letting go of Oliver kidnapping his wife SIX MONTHS AGO, Diggle disagrees. Still, our ladies go behind his back and find THIS:




Obviously, Oliver is shocked, but after being convinced by Felicity, they return to Starling City, now known as “Star City” in loving memory of Ray Palmer (relax, my loving cupcake didn’t die. We’ll see him in LoT soon). When Diggle finds out, he’s pissed off, but realized they do need his help. They storm off to the streets (reluctantly) and this is when Ollie finds out his soon-to-be wifey has been helping Team Arrow_first_logo since they left. They have a fight, which is really a disagreement- a really cute disagreement, which ends in grins, hugs and really cute love quotes to each other. Felicity finds out the weapons have a GPS tracker, so now they know where the ghosts are hiding them. Oliver asks her to inform the team before running off, rejecting her offer to use the brand new suit Cisco made for him (its amazing.) Long-story short, they make it to the place, find out the mysterious blond man (who previously told the city’s leadership to “Let It Die”) has magic, and Oliver manages to find out what the ghosts were going to do with the weapons: blow up ‘Star City Central’.

Unfortunately, they don’t find any weapons hidden in the terminal. Thea, Diggle, and Quentin decide to make Oliver feel like crap (they’re very good at holding a grudge), but back in the layer, Felicity manages to convince him that he is not the same man he was six months ago. Together, Team Arrow_first_logo finds out WHY there weren’t any explosives hidden in Star City Central: they’re not there yet! Instead, the Ghosts hid them inside the train supposed to come from Central City and inaugurate Star City Central. As the team suits up, Felicity shows Oliver the new suit Cisco made for him….

tumblr_nuh5w0xai61r2u4sdo1_500 tumblr_nuh5w0xai61r2u4sdo2_500

tumblr_nw4gtt2hee1sq00uso2_500 tumblr_nw4gtt2hee1sq00uso1_500


Anywho, the team manages to get onto the moving train where Oliver meets the mysterious blond man, who reveals himself to be Damien Darhk, the new bad guy of S4.“You can’t be The Arrow_first_logo. He died. So who are you?” Darhk asks, to who Oliver replies. “You’re about to find out.” and throws an Arrow_first_logo at him. An Arrow_first_logo which Damien manages to stop…with magic…Stunned, Oliver loses focus, Damien manages to beat him and disappears, just as Diggle comes in to help Oliver. They both jump off the train, Oliver blows it up, and everybody is safe. Once again, back in the layer, Oliver tries to make amends with Diggle, who still refuses to. Oliver knows he needs time (even after Dig called him dark and incapable of feeling back at Star City Central) and asks him to help him with one more thing: broadcast his memorable Arrow_first_logospeech to the people of Star City. He promises them the Arrow_first_logo will now fight for the city; be a symbol of hope, not darkness….


Babe. After that, we see Oliver and Felicity moving into Thea’s apartment, making it their new love nest. Finally, the episode ends with what is probably the most controversial ending of all: we move ahead SIX MONTHS, and find Oliver and Barry (Allen aka. The Flash), standing infront of a grave. Destroyed, Oliver claims what happened was his responsibility and now knows he must kill Darhk and the Ghosts.



The season premiere was intense and really satisfying. It had everything an Arrow_first_logo episode has: action, tensions, fights and cute Olicity moments. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be a great season! My favorite season is, and always will be, season 2, but who knows? This one got off to a pretty good start! Regarding the funeral scene: No, I don’t think it’s Felicity. Think about it. That is EXACTLY what the writers want you to believe! They know it’s the first conclusion we would all jump to! Also, if it were Felicity, Barry wouldn’t have been LATE TO THE FUNERAL. I mean, the guy is like her soulmate (besides Ollie, obviously). They’re these geeks who have so much in common and care so deeply for each other. It just doesn’t make any sense. So, my advice to you is: don’t go jumping to conclusions! Let’s wait and see what happens, shall we?

Well, that is all for today! You’re welcome to leave your comments, opinions and ask me any question!

Also, those of you who have doubts about wether if Felicity’s the one in the grave. I found this post to be really helpful: . It has great theories and may make you feel better.

Much love, and until the next post!

The One With the TV Obsession


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